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ASDA car breakdown cover

Asda car breakdown cover gives you the opportunity to take full advantage of giving you, and your family the cover they deserve, and at a price that is comfortably within your budget, from as little as £6.16 per month will give you peace of mind. Asda car breakdown ensures that you are fully covered in case of an emergency roadside breakdown, or are left stranded on the motorway.

Asda are in partnership with Britannia Rescue and have been named by “which magazine” as the best roadside breakdown rescue provider for four of the last five years, and are regularly updating their performance to keep you the customer aware that they are constantly thinking of ways to provide a service you can be proud of.

Are you feeling the credit crunch? Asda offer an attractive monthly payment scheme that can be tailored to your specific needs, and spread the cost of your breakdown cover that is best suited to your budget

You won’t be left stranded by the roadside, ASDA repair specialists will respond to your call and on average respond in approximately 40 mins.

ASDA Benefits from only £6.16 per month or £73.92 per yearfrom only £6.16 per month or £73.92 per year

Don’t panic, we can find you by using the latest technology Asda breakdown service will find you if you are in need of a roadside recovery by picking up your mobile phone signal (this will depend of which network and signal strength) this can be extremely helpful if you are unfortunate to breakdown in an area that you are unfamiliar with.

If Asda roadside agents are unable to repair your vehicle at the place you breakdown, they will transfer you to the destination of your choosing as well as provide your child with car seats that are of the highest standard.

When you get Asda breakdown cover you will be provided with a superb breakdown service that is local as well as nationally. There are in excess of 3,000 experienced roadside recovery agents that will give you complete support in the event you experience a roadside breakdown.

If the roadside recovery agent is unable to repair your vehicle at the location you breakdown, they will arrange transport for your vehicle and up to seven passengers to your original destination, or to a destination of your choice. If in the unlikely event this is not possible, the roadside agent may provide you with a hire car or if the driver is unwell, you will be provided with a relief driver.

Asda breakdown cover gives you two options :

Asda Breakdown Cover (provision of cover in the UK or Republic of Ireland).
If you are only likely to drive in mainland UK or the Republic of Ireland then you should consider taking out Asda breakdown cover and this provides you with excellent cover 24/7 in the event you have a roadside breakdown.

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